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Weird book, Great prose

So, I done got myself a book.

In one of my classes, we read Zachary Schomburg’s Fjords, Vol. 1, which has a lot of weirdness and warmth and excellence and refrigerators. With that as a benchmark expectation, it’s no surprise that Schomburg’s The Book of Joshua delivers and builds on his unique flavor of ordinary weirdness.

Weirdest read, but totally worth it.

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Dhani Harrison watching his father George Harrison on screen. (x)

i got chills and started crying oh my lord

Let’s make it a rule to reblog this every time it shows up on your dash- it’s just too beautiful not to reblog 

This is too beautiful. I love how George looks down and smiles in the video, kind of a “hey, I’m watching and I’m always here.” I still can’t get over how wonderful this is.

I can’t tell if I wanna smile or curl up in a ball and cry

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oh my fucking god

huge fucking trigger warning but oh my god

shots. fucking. fired.

No…no… Comedy central unfortunately hit the nail on the year and just ouch

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north american education system:
north american education system:
north american education system:
*points at 16-year-old* WHAT YOU WANT DO WHEN IN COLLEGE?!?
north american education system:
*picks up 7-year-old* WHY NOT THINK ABOUT COLLEGE!??!? COLLEGE
north american education system:
*throws infant against the wall* YOU GOING TO COLLEGE

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Adventures in knitting


Brave dashing farm-girl hero runs off to save the world

But first her parents insist she wears her big fluffy knitted sweater that her aunt made for her last winter, because it gets COLD out there in the wilderness

and in her first sword-fight with the minions of the dark lord, the enemy’s sword…

This is so beautiful.